About the Team

Most people would agree that there's not much potential when four friends get together to film a few crazy basketball shots around the house...but for us, it's become much more than we ever could've dreamed.

Since 2009 we've been getting together to make trick shot videos and upload them on YouTube. As we continue to do this, the shots are becoming more and more ridiculous. In fact, you can't come to our home town of Perth without seeing a building that we've made a basketball shot from.

How Ridiculous in action

We've conquered Patersons Stadium, The Swan Bell Tower, The Narrows Bridge, the Raffles Apartment building and one of the WACA Light Towers, just to name a few. But we haven't stopped there. Group brain storming sessions have led us to make trick shots involving almost anything. From AFL footballs and frisbees, to boomerangs, Waboba balls and golf balls, it would seem the sky is the limit for How Ridiculous... or is it? We have big plans to make some seriously ridiculous videos in the future and we can't wait to show them to you!

But here's the thing; the purpose of our videos is not simply to entertain you. Since the humble beginnings of How Ridiculous, we have been passionately supporting the international not-for-profit organization 'Compassion' to see children released from poverty in Jesus' name. We want to inspire others to use their gifts, talents and resources and join us in the fight against child poverty. With your help we can bring change to the lives of many children, so only one question remains, what will you do?